Welcome to! What’s up with the name you ask? Well, after many brainstorming sessions and quite possibly near lethal amounts of caffeine intake from the coffee shop meetings, magically we arrived at life sushi.

The way we see it, it’s as simple as this…we are all fish, one the same wandering aimlessly through life’s great ocean, until we are sliced and diced into the women we eventually become. We are all still on that great (and sometimes painful) journey searching for life happiness …we are what we call Life’s Sushi!

Here we take a “raw” look into the women who make up this hectic “quarter life” culture of  LifeSushi women. We couldn’t think of a better or easier way to reach and connect with women all over the globe, just like you, than right here on that wonderful thing called the world wide web (we are almost 60% sure 100% of the time that this thing isn’t going anywhere!)  On the off chance the lights do go out one day, then I guess its back to reading Chicken Soup for the Soul, and watching Oprah reruns! simply aims to entertain, empower, heal, and laugh you into a positive state of mind. After all “It’s a state of mind” and your happy place is always just a short mental lane change away! Our goal is to provide that here for you daily.

Don’t worry! We wont’ bore you with PG entries like “life’s a bowl of cherries” and if “life throws ya lemons make lemonade”, but we do hope to inspire you into living the best life you can, and possibly motivate you into reaching your full life’s potential.  You have a choice…choose to surround yourself with positive people doing positive things, and it’s amazing how your life can change in the instant! So, cheers to meeting some of those awe inspiring women doing positive things everyday! 

Cheers to a happy life, and to borrow one of my favorite quotes about the important things in life that put it all in perspective….”LIVE like its your last day on Earth, LOVE like you’ve never been hurt, and DANCE like nobody’s watching!” ~ anonymous

You only get to try this once ya know, so let’s get started!

Welcome to!